Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some Graphs March 2011

This shows just the American Eagle Sales, one of the most popular forms of silver, however the Candain Maple Leaf, the Perth Mint series, Philharmonic, Panda also hold a huge percentage of global sales.

Silver has alot more to go, but its been a great month!

The rise in all these commodities has much to do with the 'reflation' program of QE

Here is another graph that shows that when the starting the 'printing presses' you've got a rise in equities. The converse lesson here, is that IF/WHEN they stop the 'printing presses' (QE) there will most likely be a sharp down turn, but what is on the line is the viability of the worlds fiat paper currency.

I do believe that there are limitations to how much they (FED) can 'print', without knowingly, deliberately, destroying the currency. I also believe there are limitations to how much the politicians and populace will create debt, which the FED buys, to run the government, and historically we are approaching those levels.

And now there is so much short term debt that needs to be rolled over, (see the graph below), that that time is nearby;

Lastly this chart puts the rise in the stock market into proper perspective, priced in Gold the Dow is headed lower;

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