Friday, April 22, 2011

Silver Still Soaring

If you have a couple minutes here's a great article;

Bottom Line: As a technician, looking at a parabolic up move heading toward long-term resistance gives me heartburn, and we can observe that silver is prone to some extreme volatility. Parabolic and/or vertical advances are extremely dangerous. There is simply no way to know when they will end, but they usually end badly, with vertical declines as steep and speedy as the ascent.

However, there are reasons to believe that fundamental and technical conditions exist that will continue to be positive for precious metals. We could hope that, once silver reaches resistance, there will be a nice correction to provide an opportunity for those who missed the boat to get on board. For those who bought at much lower prices, from a long-term point of view I see no reason to be concerned about any pullbacks. The kind of extreme financial crisis that precious metal advocates have long predicted is now actually upon us.

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